A Dedicated Rare Disease Platform to Find Answers. Faster.

We have tirelessly searched for answers and have sacrificed nearly everything for us and for our loved ones with a rare or undiagnosed disease to receive the information and treatments they desperately need but we haven’t found the solutions we seek…

Sound familiar?

The time has come to turn our hope and hard work into results and cures. How you may ask?

Sharing. Connecting. Finding answers.

We are proudly introducing a homebase for the rare and undiagnosed community’s diagnostic odyssey.

The RUNmyDNA mission is to provide a central platform for the rare and undiagnosed community, bringing together its six key demographics in their collective search for diagnoses, treatments, and cures.

Please visit RUNmyDNA.com and be one of the first to have the opportunity to explore.



Be the first to engage with everything involving the rare community on social media under one roof!


Include #RUNmyDNA in your posts to show up in the stream. Discover new people and stories from rare and undiagnosed communities across the web.

Register for early access to RUNmyDNA and prepare to play a powerful role in helping to reshape the way we research, discover, and diagnose rare diseases.

Submit your organization for indexing in the RUNmyDNA stream.



Social Streams – RUNmyDNA

RUNmyDNA is a patient-driven health platform where six interconnected communities join together in a global diagnostic odyssey. Through story-sharing and data-gathering, this new community can search for answers and make life-changing discoveries.

Together, the interdisciplinary communities ask, answer, share, explore, and store information as they seek out a diagnosis. Each and every action taken on RUNmyDNA – no matter the community — drives all memebers one step closer to achieving their shared rare disease goals.

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