Oskar Szajnuk


Oskar Szajnuk was diagnosed at the age of four with an unknown genetic dysfunction, an autonomic neuropathy, small fiber polyneuropathy.
He is extremely low in ferritins, which sets off his dopamine, which sets off his epinephrine levels. He has epinephrine levels so high that doctors do not believe the test results. He is heat intolerant and cold intolerant. He does not sweat on his limbs. At times, he cannot walk. He has digestion problems that make him not want to eat very often. He has extreme difficulty breathing through his nasal passage. There is currently no treatment for Oskar. He lives in the world of the unknown. Oskar is extremely smart and funny. He loves his sisters very much. You can read more about Oskar’s journey in Ava’s profile.

August 17, 2014 12:32 am


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