Devastating Diagnosis: Rachel Nielsen’s Letter to her Brother

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Hey Bro,

I know writing letters and sharing sappy sibling moments together isn’t really our thing, but I felt I needed to address something that is happening in our lives the best way I know possible: by being dramatic and a little over the top 😉 So, I decided to write you a letter.

First off I want to say I’m sorry. I never in a million years would wish my battle on my worst enemy, let alone my family. I am so sorry you are facing a life changing, scary diagnosis. I am sorry that you have inherited what has also hit me. Although I’m the younger sibling, I feel responsible for what you’re going through – what you might be about to go through – because I have already been there. When I first started down this long, heart-wrenching road I had the blessing of not knowing where it led. I didn’t know the twists and turns I would encounter or how much of an uphill climb it was going to turn out to be. Ignorance was definitely my bliss; it was our entire family’s bliss. We would overcome whatever came up together, because we knew this road would eventually come to an end and I would be on higher ground because of it.

Now, you are finding yourself at the head of this trail, facing down the very same path, the same woods lying forever before you. You are not ignorant. You have seen this path and the rocks that are scattered along the way. You have seen the devastating effects of the falls, scrapes, and bruises acquired when attempting this trailing and you know it is not a journey for the faint in spirit. It is not a journey anyone would want to embark on knowing what’s ahead. For that, I am eternally sorry with my entire being, for you know exactly the dangers that await along this trail. You do not get to have the same veil put over your eyes that I did when I stumbled along this winding road. When I encountered monsters and thieves, at least I did not have to see their faces. You, sadly, know them all to well already, and now you are being placed directly in front of their paths.

However, I hope you also know the hidden beauty and sights that can be found along the way if you are open and willing to seek them. While it is a hard hike to embark on, you can gain so much from your struggles while pressing on through the dense thickets and swimming across unforgiving rivers. Although the tide is high and the waters are unbelievably rough, you will find yourself all the stronger because of it. You will find helping hands all along the way, encouraging you to keep going, promising the warmth of blessings if you will only endure the cold well until the end. You will feel devastation but witness and receive miracles. Every step you take will bring you closer to the treasure that awaits you when your journey comes to a close. Every labor you put forth will be returned ten fold. Every drop of sweat, tear shed, and blood spilt will be counted and replaced with a thousand more laughs and joy beyond measure. Each leap taken in faith will bring you closer to your destination and closer to your Savior.

Never give up H.O.P.E. Hold on, pain ends. No matter how dark the path before you gets, know there is always light shining through. Your guide will never leave you if you stick to His words and trust that He will never lead you astray. Trust that He has been down this same treacherous road and knows it by heart. He feels every trial and every hardship, knows every nook and cranny, because he had to struggle down it by Himself in order to be able to be here by your side. He knew you would end up here and He was not going to leave you to face your demons alone. Stick to him, He knows the way.

I sincerely hope with all my heart that my path is not yours to take. But if it is, know that you can do it. You are one of the toughest people I have ever met and you are not one to quit. I know it’s scary and I know things are uncertain right now. One thing that is for certain, though, is that you are a son of God. You have divinity coursing through your veins and strengthening your bones. Whatever it is that you are up against, I know you will come out conqueror. Trust in your faith and trust in Him.


Your Lil’ Sis a.k.a. Mito Warrior

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  1. Duane Michaelis Reply

    June 2, 2017 at 6:58 am

    AUNT GAY AND UNCLE DUANE Love you very much…… 💞

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